An End to End COVID-19 application



More than a COVID-19 application

NAVIFY Pass is a digital COVID-19 workflow application, committed to serve the needs in society, from both a personal and professional perspective.

NAVIFY Pass application serves as a personal COVID-19 application, enabling holders of the it to store, show & share their COVID-19 related health data such as test results and vaccine status.

For countries where Patient Self Testing is an important part of the pandemic testing strategy, NAVIFY Pass can also serve as an important piece. NAVIFY Pass may enable users in their own home to report test results.

*In the United States (US), NAVIFY Pass supports the application and results of the Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Test. Please use the contact form for questions about enterprise or access capabilities in the US.

COVID-19 Application



Your professional partner

The NAVIFY Pass solutions provides a professional workflow tool to support workflows of COVID-19 testing and vaccination administering. It enables easy setup of care-sites, operator management and data export to support easy data reporting.

NAVIFY Pass Pro is intended to use for both Health Data Providers and Access Providers.

For Health Data Providers

For Access Providers


Security of your Health-Data

With NAVIFY Pass you have a trusted partner in data privacy and security matters.


The NAVIFY Pass solution is designed to comply with GDPR requirements.


The NAVIFY Pass solution is designed to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Your Benefits at a glance

Easy authentication

The personal QR-Code in the NAVIFY Pass app is quickly and easily scanned by a NAVIFY Pass Operator or Access Provider via their NAVIFY Pass Pro instance, allowing for a digital authentication process.

Purely digital

NAVIFY Pass Solution is a fully digitized workflow, reducing the need for a manual and analogue paper trail.

Automatic health data transfer

NAVIFY Pass Pro generated health-data will automatically be available in the NAVIFY Pass App to use.

Rapid set up

Setting up NAVIFY Pass Pro as a test or vaccine provider does not require installation of any hardware. The whole workflow solution can be setup and operated in less than an hour.


NAVIFY Pass is a cloud-based solution, enabling secure and timely scalability along with easy sharing of data.

Reduces contact time

NAVIFY Pass can reduce the contact time between the NAVIFY Pass user and the NAVIFY Pass Pro operator by allowing NAVIFY Pass users to leave after being tested or vaccinated.

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