A personal COVID-19 application


NAVIFY Pass supports individual testing workflow and easy access to your COVID-19 health-data.

NAVIFY Pass connects the NAVIFY Pass users with testing or vaccination sites and allows easy access and storage of the diagnostic test results or vaccination status. The personal user profile is connected to a cloud service, which allows the NAVIFY Pass user to immediately interact with their own COVID-19 health-data when created.

*In the United States (US), NAVIFY Pass supports the application and results of the Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Test. Please use the contact form for questions about enterprise or access capabilities in the US.

NAVIFY Pass allows for an easy and efficient digital workflow

1. Download the NAVIFY Pass app in the app store and register your account.

2. An individual QR-Code will be created which can be scanned by a NAVIFY Pass Pro Operator.

3. Get your test performed, use a self test or get your vaccination.

4. Leave the testing or vaccination facility to reduce the infection risk.

5. Easily receive your test result or vaccination status within your NAVIFY Pass App.

Your Personal QR-Code

After your registration an individual QR-Code will be automatically created which can be scanned by a NAVIFY Pass Pro Operator or Access Provider. This individual QR-Code contains all relevant personal data and can be easily connected with your vaccination or test performed.

Your Health Data

NAVIFY Pass users have the opportunity to store and display all their COVID-19 related health data in one app. This makes it possible to have an overview of all performed tests and the vaccination status in one safe place.

Your benefits at a glance

Easy installation and registration

Easily download and register your account to create your individual QR-Code.
Available for iOS and Android.

Reduced waiting time

You can leave the test of vaccine site after your test or vaccination has been performed to reduce infection risk.

Test result storage

Easy access your COVID-19 health-data in your NAVIFY Pass app.

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