and Self Testing

NAVIFY Pass can be used with a Patient Self Test

Allowing an easy digitalization of a Self Test result.
NAVIFY Pass allows individuals to register a self performed SARS-CoV-2 Rapid-Ag Test on their mobile device. The submitted test result is visible in the NAVIFY Pass app as a self performed test result.

*In the United States (US), NAVIFY Pass supports the application and results of the Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Test. Please use the contact form for questions about enterprise or access capabilities in the US. Questions about the US Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Test? Click here

Download NAVIFY Pass in your App Store and register your account.

Perform your Self Test and wait for the result.

Upload the test result into NAVIFY Pass after scanning the unique QR code on the test device and filling out a short questionnaire.

The test result is connected to your NAVIFY Pass profile and can be shared for a limited amount of time.

Using NAVIFY Pass with
a Self Test

Share digital COVID-19 related
health data

Easy to use application, can be used at many places. Scan and confirm ID and grant access.

With NAVIFY Pass, the test results can be shared at many places

Sports, Tournaments

Cultural Events

Working place

Your Personal QR-Code

After your registration an individual QR-Code will be automatically created which can be scanned by NAVIFY Pass Operator or Access Provider. This individual QR-Code contains all relevant personal data and can be easily connected with your vaccination or test performed.

Your Health Data

Navify Pass user have the opportunity to store and display all their COVID-19 related health data in one App. This makes it possible to have an overview of all performed tests and the vaccination status in one safe place.

For questions on NAVIFY Pass, please visit our Help Center page or contact us: